Valheim Wolf Cape

Wolf cape is a piece of armor in Valheim. It provides a bit of protection from damage, but more importantly, it’s a good defense afainst frost. When you go up to the mountains, you’ll need some warm clothing to stave off the cold, and the wolf cape is a perfect choice. If you’re wondering what you need to craft it, this guide will show you how to get wolf cape in Valheim.

valheim wolf cape
Valheim Wolf Cape

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How to get wolf cape in Valheim?

In order to craft the wolf cape, you’ll need the following:

  • Wolf pelt x6
  • Wolf trophy x1
  • Silver x4

The pelts are the easy part – you just keep killing wolves until you’ve got enough skins. The wolf trophy is equally simple – it can also drop from wolves – but it’s not a guaranteed drop, so it might take longer to get it. Thankfully, you only need one.

The silver is a bit more complicated. Like all other minerals, it is mined from special nodes. These nodes only appear in the mountains, which means you’ll have to fight the cold while looking for them. However, you can make things easier on yourself.

Go to the swamps and defeat the Bonemass boss. Once you’ve dealt with it, it’ll drop the wishbone. Using this artifact will make you glow when you’re near a silver deposit – so now that you have it, head into the mountains and start your search. Make sure you bring a couple of pickaxes – the ore veins can be deep underground, and you’re likely to run out of tools if you don’t come prepared. Materials for a portal that would send you back to base so you can repair your stuff would also be a good idea.

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