The Best Things to Do in Cleveland, OH

The Best Things to Do in Cleveland, OH

What are the best things to do in Cleveland, Ohio? Well, as with any big city, it has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. If you want to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery that makes up the shores of Lake Erie as well as get a taste of world-class restaurants and shopping, then you’ll want to visit this city. Cleveland is also known as the “Forest City” of the western part of the country for many reasons. It has a lot to offer outdoors enthusiasts who love camping, canoeing, hiking, running, boating, fishing, swimming, skiing, and so much more! If you’re looking for one or more of these activities, then Cleveland is sure to be a wonderful experience.



Here in Cleveland, Ohio, you can indulge your love of history by visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art. The museum has been there sinceoons and has recently added a huge new wing onto the building. The wings feature works by famous artists such as Jim Shore, William Blake, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, eries belonging to famous designers such as Christopher Columbus, as well as more. Take your children to this beautiful museum while you’re in town. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful things that are housed within its walls. When you leave, don’t forget to take them to the top of the hill where you can view all of Cleveland’s skyline.


In addition to the wonderful museums that you can visit while you’re in town, there are tons of other things to do in Cleveland. The city offers everything from great outdoor adventures to family-friendly amusement parks, history lessons, shopping, galleries, family boutiques, arts and culture events, as well as professional sports teams and even theaters. So make sure that you keep these amazing Cleveland Ohio attractions on your must-see list next time you visit the city!

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