The Benefits Of A Quality Entrance Matting System

The Benefits Of A Quality Entrance Matting System

Entrance matting is an essential element for the safety of any business and is a standard requirement in most businesses. These mats protect individuals and employees from falling or slipping on the ground, as well as prevent damage to property, and aid in the cleaning process. When selecting the type of mat to be used, it is important to consider factors such as floor and traffic patterns, noise, sight, and odor. By using a mat that does not meet all these criteria, can lead to poor customer satisfaction and a diminished work atmosphere.

entrance matting

Entrance Matting System

Entrance matting will eliminate up to 80% of airborne dirt and debris from entering the facility and can eliminate up to six feet of soil in just one week. Over an 18-week period, one thousand individuals will deposit sixteen tons of dirt into the ground below. For public facilities with high daily traffic, the advantages of a well-maintained entrance matting system make a real difference in annual cleaning costs.

For businesses that do not provide adequate coverage, there are numerous options for protecting the floors and personnel from dirt and dust. The most common entrance mats are made from vinyl, which is ideal for protecting all types of surfaces and reducing slip and fall injuries. For businesses with animals or children, slip-resistant flooring with absorbent polymer backing is an effective solution for protecting customers, workers and equipment. For businesses that generate a lot of dust and particles, industrial grade particle mats can easily wash off and are available in a variety of colors and styles. Regardless of the type of environment or industry, an entrance matting system will help to make sure that everyone has a safe and comfortable experience.

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