Tenancy Agreement – Bond Cleaning

Tenancy Agreement – Bond Cleaning

bond cleaning

A bond cleaning involves cleaning your commercial properties like apartment buildings, office buildings, warehouses, retail shops etc. Bonded indoor and outdoor walls and floors are regularly cleaned by trained bond cleaning professionals to ensure they remain stain free and hygienic for longer. Bonded indoor and outdoor walls are vacuumed to remove built up dirt, dust, and debris from the building’s interior and exterior. They also clean the attic, basement, workshop, washrooms, toilets, windows and carpets thoroughly. The bond cleaning staff uses high-end equipment and advanced detergents to ensure the thorough cleaning of each space.

The most important tasks during a bond cleaning process

One of the most important tasks during a bond cleaning process is the preparation of the property for the arrival of new tenants. The property must be completely vacuumed and washed to get any loose dirt removed before any tenants move in. This preparation work is extremely important, as it makes sure no damage can be done to the building when a tenant moves in. Any damage caused to the building during the tenancy can invalidate the tenancy agreement and result in a full removal of the bond, fines and legal costs.

A bond cleaning schedule can be quite demanding but well worth the time and effort. An extensive bond cleaning regime may involve a extra day or two off from normal cleaning, possibly on weekends. Any non-standard cleaning times such as public holidays will need to be taken into consideration by the property owner. A comprehensive bond cleaning plan should include a detailed checklist of the normal cleaning requirements, including daily window cleaning, weekly driveway cleaning, and landscaping maintenance.

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