Sand Kingdom Moon Locations - Super Mario Odyssey Power Moons

Power Moons in Sand Kingdom are Super Mario Odyssey collectibles crucial for you progression in the game. There are sixty nine moons for you to find the first time you visit Tostarena, and twenty additional ones get unlocked once you finish the main story. You can choose to skip most of them at the beginning because you will only need a few to progress to the next kingdom. Being one of the early levels, a lot of the moons are easily collected, but some of them are quite tricky and will require you to scour the land to find them all. Being important for unlocking all the content in the game, we wanted to help you with our guide and map to all Sand Kingdom power moon locations.

We will also help you find all the power moons in Cascade, Sand, Lake, Wooded, Lost Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Bowser’s Kingdom, Moon Kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom and Dark Side.

Sand Kingdom Moon Locations - Super Mario Odyssey Power Moons
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Cascade Kingdom Power Moons
Lake Kingdom Power Moons

Story Moons in Sand Kingdom

#1 Atop the Highest Tower

Near the three crates described in point 14, you’ll see a pair of goggles you can use. You’ll notice that there’s a Power Moon on top of the nearby tower (Tostarena Ruins Round Tower). Possess one of the Bullet Bills and fly over to the staircase leading to the base of the tower. Circle around until you find a pipe you can go into to access the 2D platforming section. Make your way to the top and collect the Power Moon.

#2 Moon Shards in the Sand

Once you reach the Moe-Eye Habitat, you’ll have to collect five Moon Shards to get a Power Moon. The first one is just next to the checkpoint flag. Another shard is on the highest dune in the area, next to a tall cactus. Shard Three is on the other side of the small pillar area, between two tall cacti, on the edge of the cliff. The fourth one is also nearby, seeming floating in the middle of the purple water. Possess a Moe-Eye, put the shades on, and you’ll see the invisible blocks that you can walk over and collect the shard. While you’re possessing the Moe-Eye, find the pillar that has a small elevator platform going up and down. Travel to the top and put on the glasses to see the hidden bridges, and make your way to the opposite side and the final shard. The Power Moon is yours for the taking.

#3 Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid Multi Moon

To obtain this Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon, you’ll have to defeat Harriet at the top of the Inverted Pyramid.

#4 The Hole in the Desert Multi Moon

Head into the ice caves below the Inverted Pyramid. At the end of it, you’ll face the boss Knucklotec. Your reward for defeating it will be another Multi Moon.

Sand Kingdom Power Moon Locations

#5 Overlooking the Desert Town

Climb up on top of the northernmost building in town and you should see it inside a little overlook.

#6 Alcove in the Ruins

located in Tostarena ruins. Explore the east side of the ruins, and you’ll find a small alcove with the collectible inside.

#7 On the Leaning Pillar

Jump on top of a pillar marked on the map, or possess the nearby Bullet Bill to fly over there.

#8 Hidden Room in the Flowing Sands

In Tostarena Ruins, in the quicksand just north of the three gushing sand pillars, there’s a small section of wall that is a bit elevated from the ground. Now, here’s where it gets hard. You need to approach that part of the wall. Then, you have to allow Mario to sink almost all the way down, then quickly and repeatedly jump forwards to squeeze into the hidden room. There’s a Power Moon in there, and, thank god, a warp pipe to lead you out.

#9 Secret of the Mural

As your climbing Tostarena Ruins Round Tower (first Sand Kingdom Power Moon), you’ll come across the two horizontally moving platforms. Instead of jumping up to the top of the tower, go through the wall on the left into a secret little room with the Moon inside.

#10 Secret of the Inverted Mural

While you’re climbing the Inverted Pyramid, there will be a 2D section on the outside of the pyramid, with you hanging upside-down. Instead of hopping into the warp pipe, you need to jump through the little hole in the rocks just beyond the pipe. The moon is waiting for you there, along with a bunch of coins.

#11 On Top of the Stone Archway

The archway is the entrance to Tostarena ruins. To get up on top of it, you can posses a Bullet Bill nearby and fly there.

#12 From a Crate in the Ruins

Climb the ruins above the alcove, and you should see three wooden crates you can destroy. The Moon will jump onto the rooftop of the nearby building. Possess the cannon bullet and fly over there.

#13 On the Lone Pillar

While you’re on top of Tostarena Ruins Round Tower (after you’ve finished the story part), look for the lone pillar left of the small purple pond. It is the same pillar where the warp picture that takes you to Metro Kingdom is at. Possess the Glydon that’s standing there, and fly over to pick up the moon. Alternatively, you can attempt to do it with a nearby Bullet Bill, but we don’t recommend it, because he tends to explode on the way to the pillar.

#13 power moon sand kingdom On the Lone Pillar mario odyssey

#14 On The Statue’s Tail

Getting this moon requires you to revisit the top of the Inverted Pyramid (to get there quick, go to the top of Tostarena Ruins Round Tower and use the Spark Pylon). The tail on one of the statues positioned at the edges of the plateau is glowing. Throw Cappy on that tail to get the Power Moon.

#15 Hang Your Hat on the Fountain

Once you’ve removed the cold from Tostarena, head to the town. Climb up the fountain in the city square and throw Cappy onto the top. Collect the moon.

#16 Where the Birds Gather

At the oasis east of town, there’s a small sand hill with a bunch of birds on it (on the eastern shore). Smash the ground on top of it to reveal the moon.

#17 Top of a Dune

As the name suggests, you should smash into the ground on top of the dune northwest of the town.

#18 Lost in the Luggage

Smash the ground at the sunken pyramid among the cardboard boxes. (hint – the spot glows)

#19 Bullet Bill Breakthrough

In Tostarena Ruins, left of the Sand Pillars, there’s a Moon in a cage. Drop to the lower level, possess Bullet Bill, and fly through the big gap in the wall to smash the cage open.

#20 Inside a Block Is a Hard Place

Destroy the stone block with a possessed Bullet Bill in the area left and below of the Sand Pillars flag. The block you need to destroy is the one in the top left corner.

#21 Bird Traveling the Desert

There’s an eagle flying around the area. He should pass the building where you picked up “Overlooking the Desert Town” moon. Wait for him to approach and hit him with Cappy to get the collectible. You can also do the same in the Desert Oasis area.

#22 Bird Traveling the Wastes

The easiest way to shoot this bird down is to go travel to the Jaxi Ruins checkpoint, and jump down. Then, all you have to do is wait for the bird to circle around and hit it with Cappy.

#23 The Lurker Under the Stone

If you climb to the very top of the Inverted Pyramid after defeating the boss, you’ll notice something strange moving under the stones like they were a carpet.

#24 The Treasure of Jaxi Ruins

There are two chests on top of the Jaxi Ruins, right next to the checkpoint flag. Open the one on the left to reveal a Power Moon.

#25 Desert Gardening: Plaza Seed

There are three pots next to the wall of a building left of the fountain. You can pick up a seed and plant it. Plant it in the middle pot and wait for a while, then break the flower open with Cappy to find the moon.

26. Desert Gardening: Ruins Seed Location

Head over to the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar checkpoint flag, then go east. Drop down to the sand and look for the alcove in the wall of the ruins to find the seed. Then, take the seed to Tostarena town, and plant it in the right flower pot. The pots are next to a huge potted cactus, in front of a yellow-green house, left of the fountain.

sand kingdom ruins seed power moon 26

Sand Kingdom End Game Power Moons

super mario odyssey moon rock mysterious cube sand kingdom locationThere is a Moon stone located northwest of the town, and you will not be able to break it until you finish the main story. Once you do that, come back and break it to reveal 20 more power moon locations.

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