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Power Moons in Lake Kingdom are easier to find than in some other zones of Super Mario Odyssey, but for the sake of some harder and end game moons we decided to create this article with all of their locations shown on a map. We also give short wlkahtroughs for each moon with screenshots making things clearer, where needed. As with every kingdom there are some moons that you can find before you beat the game (33) and there are additional ones that get discovered by using the Moon rock (9) after you finish the main story quest. Among the initial 33 there are moons that you won’t be able to pick up until you’ve unlocked most of the game’s content. Pick which moons to find based on how far into the game you are. I had a lot of fun with this small kingdom and picked up over 20 moons in the first visit.

We will also help you find all the power moons in Cascade, Sand, Lake, Wooded, Lost Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Bowser’s Kingdom, Moon Kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom and Dark Side.

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lake kingdom power moon locations map super mario odyssey
Lake Kingdom Power Moon Locations Map (click to enlarge)

Sand Kingdom Power Moons
Wooded Kingdom Power Moons

Lake Kingdom Main Story Power Moons

Unlike some of the larger kingdoms, in Lake there is only a few mandatory moons you need to pick up before you are free to roam the land in full. You should know by now that in Super Mario Odyssey you have to finish the main story in the land to be able to access all of its areas. In Lake kingdom Bowser is after the wedding dress and you can put a stop to his evil plans fairly early in the game. All you have to do is defeat one of the Broodal mini bosses – Rango. Afterwards you have to collect 7 more moons to be able to move onto the next kingdom. You need 10 total, three from boss multi moon and seven from any of the moons listed in the section below.

1. Broodals Over the Lake – From the Odyssey go straight and you will be able to posses a zipper. Moving it you uncover the entrance into an underwater town called Water Plaza. Follow the main mission marker to get to the boss fight arena and pick up the multi moon after defeating him.

Power Moons in Lake Kingdom – before end game

2. Dorrie-Back Rider – Dorrie is the big blue Loch Ness monster like creature swimming around in the waters in front of the Water Plaza. Moon is on its back.

3. Cheep Cheep Crossing – Above the entrance into the large underwater area in front of Water Plaza. There are 6 openings in the wall above the Underwater Entrance flag. Top middle holds the moon.

Cheep-Cheep-Crossing-lake-power-moon-mario-odyssey4. End of the Hidden Passage At the position marked on the map is a Zipper that you can posses. Use it to uncover a hidden passage. Follow the path, picking up coins until you find yourself in a hidden room behind pillars you can see as you unzip the rectangular shape.

End-of-the-Hidden-Passage-power-moon-super-mario-odyssey5. What’s in the Box? – Break the boxes at the position shown on the map and a moon will pop out. Reach the location where it landed by using the flower trampolines.

6. On the Lakeshore – Next to the Odyssey you should see a glowing spot in the sand. Smash into the ground to uncover the power moon. Use our map for exact location of where you need to hit the ground.

7. From the Broken Pillar – Ground smash into the broken pillar found at the location seen on our map above. It is just outside the main entrance into the Water Plaza (I’ve smashed every other broken pillar in the kingdom before finally finding it).

8. Treasure in the Spiky Waterway – When you make your way from the Odyssey towards Water Plaza the first time you enter Lake Kingdom, you will go through and underwater tunnel. Instead of turning left towards Water Plaza, turn right and you should find a chest with the moon inside it.

9. Lake Gardening: Spiky Passage Seed – Underwatter tunnel passage that takes you from the Odyssey towards Water Plaza hides a seed. It is right at where you jump into the water tunnel, before the spikes. Pick it up and swim past all the enemies all the way towards Water Plaza. Plan it at the location marked on the map and wait about 10 minutes until it grows and rewards you with a moon.

10. Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 1 – Hit the scarecrow with Cappy at the location marked on the map. This will uncover platforms for you to jump across. Last one has a hole you should dive into and keep pressing ZL until you get the moon.

11. Lake Kingdom Timer Challenge 2 – Another scarecrow is located on the platform where you fought the Broodal boss. Backward jump here to reach the moon. To backward jump press ZL first and press B next (easier than trying to press them both at the same time).

12. Moon Shards in the Lake In front of the main entrance into the Water Plaza are 5 moon shards. Just swim around the area to find them all. One is below the huge rock holding the platform where you fought the Broodal boss. Another is behind crates in the north wall of Lake Lamode. Posses a fish and shake controller to break crates and defeat see weed enemies there. One is inside a small dome on the south wall of the lake.

13. Taking Notes: Dive and Swim – Just north of Odyssey, inside the shallow water there, you’ll see a music key. Activate it and collect all notes to get the collectible.

14. Taking Notes: In the Cliffside – finish the 2D platforming challenge found in the rock-face of the south wall of Lake Lamode.

15. Lake Fishing – At the position marked on the map possess the Lakitu. You can now see three fish shadows. Start fishing near the large shadow and pull as soon as you feel vibration in your controller.

16. I Met a Lake Cheep Cheep! – There’s a small island in the middle of the lake with a hole inside it and an inverted dome on the bottom. To get the moon you have to capture a fish (Cheep Cheep) and jumping into the ring of water near her.

17. Our Secret Little Room – On the ground floor there are three small passageways. Left one has gold bricks. Right one helps you get to the coins on a platform above. Middle one has nothing, except a hidden doorway in its left wall. Talk to the fish lady inside the secret room for your reward. Keep it secret. Keep it safe!

Our Secret Little Room power moon super mario18. Let’s Go Swimming, Captain Toad! – Captain is hard to reach in this kingdom. At the ground floor of Water Plaza there is a pool with coins rotating around it. Capture a fish and get inside the Plaza. Magikarp your way across the floor into the pool and dive until you reach bottom and Captain Toad.

19. Shopping in Lake Lamode – buy the moon in the shop.

20. A Successful Repair Job puzzle solution and power moon

There is a small bubble on the south wall of Lake Lamonde. You’ll see a Greek looking archway and red door there. Once you enter you’ll have a puzzle to solve. You need to move the rock puzzle piece so it fits next to its stationary brother. The picture below shows the path you need to take for the rock to fall in place exactly. To solve the puzzle move the rock piece down from the starting position, two times right, up, right, down, three spaces left, up, right, up.

A Successful Repair Job power moon puzzle solution super mario odyssey

21. I Feel Underdressed – On the first floor of Water Plaza there’s a dress display missing the dress (same floor the shop is on). There’s a locked red door left of it. To unlock it you will have to wear the Swimwear costume pieces. You can buy these at the shop for 15 regional coins. (so, not the gold coin vendor, but regional vendor with stickers and souvenirs)

26. Secret Path to Lake Lamode! – Find the painting in Seaside kingdom, found at the bottom of Glass Tower, and warp to this moon’s location. To get to the painting’s location you will first have to defeat Seaside kingdom boss. You would have unplugged four fountains during that quest. Jump into one of them and that should take you straight to the top of the Glass Tower. You can now swim down to its bottom and the painting location. UPDATE: Justin, one of our readers who contacted us via email, said that the location of warp picture depends on the choice you made during the second story fork, whether you choose to go to snow or seaside kingdom after Metro. People in our comments mentioned that this is not the case and that it is either Metro or Seaside where you’ll find the warp painting to Lake. In either case, screenshots bellow will show all three warp paintings – Seaside, Metro and Snow. If you went to Wooded first go to Metro. If you went Lake first check Seaside. If none of that works go Snow. In Metro the warp painting is on a ledge next to the Odyssey. In Snow kingdom , straight in front of the Odyssey is a cloud like creature that blows wind. Capture it and go to the northeast corner of the map where there are two tall stone blocks in the distance. Blow one towards the other so you can jump on top of the tall pillar. That is also where the warp painting is at and it should take you to Lake (if not, it will take you to Cascade).

27. Found with Lake Kingdom Art – hint art is found on the side of the stairs leading from Odyssey area to Lake Lamode area. Moon is in Cascade kingdom. Smash the ground at the location marked on the screenshot below.

Found with Lake Kingdom Art power moon

End Game Power Moons locations in Lake Kingdom

There are 9 additional moons to be found after you beat Bowser and hit the moon rock. Moon rock is located on a platform on the east wall of the area Odyssey is located in. The 9 moons you can find are:

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