Some Of The Best Things To Do In Dana Point, CA

Some Of The Best Things To Do In Dana Point, CA

The two most popular things to do in dana point ca are boating and surfing. There are two popular marinas in the area for large boats and smaller boats alike and a long pier with great rock walls for surfing. Most people come here on weekend trips to Orange County because of the many beach clubs and awesome restaurants. There are also two parks that have great hiking and biking trails as well as many little places to hide brother (pardon the pun).

Tips On Things To Do In Dana Point, California

What are the best things to do in Dana Point, CA? If you’re looking for a place to go on a day trip or a weekend retreat, then this is the place for you. The main focus of this community is the beach, however, there are some nice little things to do on the nearby beaches as well. This article will give you some ideas.

The second most popular thing to do in the town is whale watching. There are several whale watching tours that can be taken and it is worth taking the time out of a hectic day to see these beautiful creatures up close. Many local visitors also choose to go whale watching aboard boats, although it is not recommended that people stay for long periods of time on the boats because the whales get very agitated and can become dangerous. There are also quite a few small piers that offer different types of tours as well as dolphin cruises available for visitors to Orange County.

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