Resident Evil 7 Toy Axe - What it does, how to use it

The toy axe is a mysterious item in Resident Evil 7. It’s a child’s toy, made of wood, with no apparent use in the game. You’ll probably stumble upon it while completing the story, without having any idea what to do with it. This guide is going to show you how to use toy axe in Resident Evil 7, where to find it.

resident evil 7 toy axe puzzle
Resident Evil 7 Toy Axe

Where to find Toy Axe in RE7

In order to get it, you’ll need the snake key. Go up to the second floor of the main house, and enter the kid’s room. Examine the table lamp and press the red button to lower the ladder. Climb up to the attic and you’ll find the axe on a shelf.

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Where to use RE7 Toy Axe

Go out into the yard. The spot you’re looking for is in the shrubbery in the southwest corner, where the main house meets the testing area. You’ll find a projector and a pedestal there. Use the axe on the pedestal, and you’ll get to solve a shadow puzzle. Position the axe so that the shadow looks like the number seven. This will open the nearby ornate chest. Inside, you’ll find a syringe with a stabilizer. When used, it will increase your reload speed.

If you find this upgrade useful, you can get another one pretty easily. There’s a bird cage in the trailer, right there in the yard, with another stabilizer. You’ll need a handful of antique coins to unlock it, but it’s not a lot. If you’re looking for another kind of upgrade, you should check out our steroid locations guide – they’ll permanently increase your health.

If there’s another use for the axe, we haven’t discovered it. It stays on the pedestal after you solve the shadow puzzle, so there’s presumably nothing more to be done with it.

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