Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Store Things on Horse

Horse inventory in Red Dead Redemption 2 allows you to store some things on your mount. Instead of lugging it all around on your back, or having to visit your stash in the camp every few hours, you can put some things in horse cargo and let your mount do the work. However, there are restrictions – don’t expect the horse to act like a bottomless box. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to store things on horse in Red Dead Redemption 2.

How to use horse cargo & inventory in RDR2?

First of all, keep in mind there are limits here. Your horse can store outfits, masks and hats, as well as weapons and pelts or skins. It cannot carry jewelry, food, or any of the other stuff you regularly loot. You can put skins into horse cargo by approaching the horse while carrying one on your back, then pressing the appropriate button.

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How to store outfits on horse?

In order to store an outfit on the horse, you’ll need to go to a wardrobe – either at a hotel, or at your camp. Once you’re there, go into the clothes customization screen, then select a completed outfit and look to the lower right of the screen. You’ll see the option to send it to your horse – press the appropriate button, and the outfit will be sent.

How to access clothes from horse?

When you want to access the outfit you’ve sent to your horse, you’ll need to open up the weapon wheel while near the mount. Press R1 (RB) to switch to the horse wheel. That’s where you’ll find all the outfits, hats and masks stored on the horse. Hover over the appropriate slot and choose the one you like.

How to increase horse inventory & make horse hold more animals & skins?

As far as we know, you can’t. It can only hold a set amount of pelts, and you’ll need to sell them off at a trapper before you can store any more.

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  1. K

    How do I store a handgun on my horse so I can pick up a new one without dropping my current?

    1. J

      Let em drop. All guns report to your horse to be grabbed later. Like your hat

    2. B

      You can pick up one handed weapons including revolvers, pistols, sawn off shotguns, etc. Most with ‘worn’ in its name they will are saved until you own two of the same
      store bought hand gun then worn weapons will be replaced. Although a worn version of a two handed weapon that you already own won’t be saved.

  2. E
    Errol Champion

    I actually tamed a couple of horses and brought them back to camp with me. Whenever I go hunting I bring them both with me with my own horse and I manage to kill and stow 1 animal on each mount. It helps when i give them to Pearson. I also accidentally hit another rider who them left his horse for ‘treatment’ and so I took his horse with the saddle. That too helped me with getting more animal stows.

  3. R

    So I skinned a animal a put it on my horse but can I put it in like cargo or storage I just started playing today so I don’t under stand it

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