Get Clothes with Fiery Design in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield fiery design clothes are clothing items marked as Fire Type, and you need them to complete a side quest for a man in Ballonlea. You can get all the clothes with fiery designs in Pokemon SwSh in a clothing shop, except for the Fire Uniform. You unlock that in the appropriate gym. We’re going to show you where to get clothes with fiery design in Pokemon Sword & Shield in this guide.

Get Clothes with Fiery Design in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Get Clothes with Fiery Design in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Where to Find Fiery Design Clothes in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To find clothes with a fiery design in Pokemon Sword & Shield, we first went to Hammerlocke. Then, we went to the left and entered the clothing store right around the corner. Then, we proceeded to buy every item of clothing marked as Fire Type – hoodie, pants, glasses, the works. We also already had the Fire Uniform, which you get for completing the gym in Motostoke Stadium. Then, we proceeded to the changing room and put everything on, except for the hat. Our hairstyle wouldn’t allow it.

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Once you’re all geared up, go back to Ballonlea and talk with the weirdo that gave you the quest in the first place. After a very, very bizarre exchange, this quest will be over. As a reward, he’ll give you TM78 Acrobatics. It’s a pretty decent move to have. The description reads: “The user nimbly strikes the target. If the user is not holding an item, this attack inflicts massive damage.” So, yeah. Hope it was worth it. Note that you might be able to complete this task by wearing just one Fire Type item of clothing to complete this. We got everything just to be safe.

So, that’s about all there is to it. If you need more help with the game, check out some of our other Pokemon Sword & Shield guides. We’ve got everything you need, like Lucky Egg Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield – How to Get, Where to Buy Vitamins, and Check & Increase Pokemon Friendship Level, and more.

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