Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger

The Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger event is already here! Starting on Tuesday 21st of September at 10 am local time, it runs for one week, with a host of cool incentives. These can include brand new trainers to battle and some of your favorite Pokemon in cool attire. Most exciting is that Furfrou will make its debut and can be changed into nine unique forms. Read on as we give the details on Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger.

Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger
Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger

How to Battle a Fashion Challenger in Pokemon Go

Fashion Challengers are NPC trainers created for fashion week. You can locate them outside of Pokestops, much like Team Go Rocket and Go Tour Challengers are found. Fashion challengers come in five different types: Cool, Eccentric, Quirky, Sassy, and Slick. 

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Fashion challengers will each have a team of Pokemon ready to battle in some fancy attire. For example, Butterfree will be a Pokemon you encounter if you fight the Sassy Challenger, and she will have a fancy bow for the event. Sneasel is on the cool challenger team and will be wearing a beret and shades.

Most exciting is that Furfrou will make its debut, and each of the fashion challengers will have a variant of this Pokemon. You can also change Furfrou into one of nine different forms. The form you get all depends on where you are geographically. Form changing Furfrou will cost 10,000 stardust and 29 candies. More information about Furfrou you can read in our guide Pokemon Go Furfrou – Forms & How to Get in Fashion Week 2021

  • Global – Matron and Dandy form
  • Americas – Debutante form
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa – Diamond Form
  • Asia Pacific – Star Form
  • France – Le Ren Form
  • Japan – Kabuki Form
  • Egypt – Pharoah Form
  • Not Yet Available – Heart Trim Form

For the fashion week timed challenge, you must battle at least nine of the fashion challenges. They will only be available for this week as well. With time-limited, so make sure you don’t miss out.

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