Survival-Horror "Song of Horror" Out Now on Playstation

The formerly PC-only survival-horror title “Song of Horror” is out now on PlayStation and will be released on the Xbox soon. You can watch the new console trailer here. This console version comes with all five chapters of the hit horror game and is priced at €39.99/$39.99/£34.99.

Survival-Horror Song of Horror Out Now on PlayStation

Song of Horror out on PlayStation

In Song of Horror, players are tasked with finding out what happened to famous writer Sebastian P. Husher. Along with his entire family, Sebastian vanished without leaving any trace. You can play as one of 13 different characters in this Lovecraft-inspired third-person adventure that pays loving homage to classic horror titles.

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Carlos Grupeli, co-founder of Song of Horror development studio Protocol Games, says: “Every survival-horror fan knows that some of the biggest games in the genre’s history made their name on console, so bringing Song of Horror to PlayStation and Xbox was the logical next step after the game’s successful run on PC. We can’t wait to see the reaction of console gamers once they get their hands on it.”

Song of Horror features:

– The Presence – the game’s antagonist – is AI-controlled and will react and adapt to your actions and playstyle.

– Every playthrough is unique and relies on genuine fear and tensions, and not scripted sequences like in similar games.

– You have 13 unique characters you can play as. No combat, but plenty of scares.

– Death is permanent. If a character dies, you will have to continue with another one.

– Antique shop, forgotten abbey, abandoned mental institution – every location in Song of Horror is inspired by classic horror locales.

If you are a fan of old-school third-person horror titles with fixed camera angles and tank controls that are reminiscent of early horror games such as Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark, then Song of Horror could be just up your (haunted) alley.

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