Houseboat on the Murray River – Tips For Planning Your Houseboat Getaway

Houseboat on the Murray River – Tips For Planning Your Houseboat Getaway

If you are thinking of taking up a houseboat on the Murray river, one of the first things that you will need to consider is the accommodation. When you are living in a houseboat, obviously your primary concern is going to be the comfort and convenience of yourself and other family members. However, if there is anyone in your party who has special dietary requirements then you will need to consider this before moving into the houseboat. In any case, it may well be wise to have someone else along for support. You can ask them to join you for lunch or for a snack, so that you do not have to try and cook during the period of living out on the boat. It is not difficult to find somewhere to eat as there are many restaurants along the river system.


As far as recreation is concerned, you can take your houseboat on the Murray wherever you want to go. The plan would include a kitchen and bathroom, though obviously you would prefer these to be in the more modern part of the house. The houseboat plan would also have provisions for staterooms and possibly a wet bar.


Houseboats generally come with facilities such as televisions, beds, showers, washing machines, gardens, ice-makers and fridge freezers. Depending on the budget you have allocated for your houseboat, you can get houseboat plans which include amenities like running water, bathroom, kitchen, dining and living areas. Houseboats are available in different sizes and you can choose the one that suits you and your family best.

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