Horizon Zero Dawn Glinthawk - How to kill Machine Vulture

Glinthawks are one of the machines in Horizon Zero Dawn. They’re birds that attack in flocks. You will encounter them multiple times through the course of the main story missions, as well as in numerous side quests and activities. In this guide, we will show you how to kill Glinthawk in Horizon Zero Dawn, explaining his weaknesses as well as his strengths.

How to kill Glinthawk Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn Glinthawk

How to defeat Glinthawk

  • Glinthawks usually attack in small groups, so it is always a good idea to focus your attacks on one of them, or even isolate and defeat them one by one.
  • There are two weak spots that can be exploited. The first one is the beak – destroying it will disable the Glinthawk’s ability to scavenge loot from machine corpses.
  • The second one is the freeze sac that looks like a blue box located on its stomach. Destroying it will disable the ranged freeze attack, causing an explosion that will cause damage to the area around it.
  • To easily take down Glinthawks, use your sharpshot bow with tearblast arrows. One they’re in the air, shooting the glowing freeze sac will result in them falling to the ground. They’ll stay downed for a few seconds, allowing you to strike with your melee attacks or arrows.
  • Another great tactic is to use the Ropecaster. Hitting with it will limit the Glinthawk’s movement, making it an easy target. If you hit him a second time, he will be trapped on the ground for a few seconds, vulnerable to your attacks. Even if you miss your shot with the Ropecaster, the ammunition will not be consumed. Keep in mind that the Ropecaster has a limited range. If a Glinthawk is high in the air, you won’t be able to hit it.
  • Glinthawks have a weakness for fire. Using your Hunter bow with fire arrows can make this fight very easy. Hitting Glinthawk with two fire arrows will also make him fall to the ground for a short period of time. If you are having trouble hitting them, make sure that you use your Concentration skill, which will slow down time for much higher accuracy.
  • To get the ability to override the Glinthawk, you need to visit the XI Cauldron, located in the south-eastern edge of the map.
rizon zero dawn glinthawk
Freeze Sack weak point

Glinthawk loot & rewards

  • Chillwater – Used for crafting Freeze ammo
  • Metal Shards – Used as in-game currency
  • Sparkler – crafting material for shock ammo
  • Wire – primary crafting ingredient
  • Machine Core – Small – Sells for metal shards
  • Glinthawk Lens and Glinthawk Heart – Used for trading with merchants or sold for metal shards

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