Horizon Zero Dawn How to Defeat Bellowback

The Bellowback is one of the robotic creatures that you’ll encounter in Horizon Zero Dawn. It might one of the slightly more difficult enemies until how you figure out their weakness. In this guide, we’ll explain how to kill Bellowback in Horizon Zero Dawn, what the best strategy is, and so on.

Horizon Zero Dawn How to Defeat Bellowback
Horizon Zero Dawn How to Defeat Bellowback

How to Beat Bellowback

Just like every other robotic animal in the game, the Bellowback has its weak spots. In this case, the one you really want to take advantage of are the canisters under its belly. The only thing that poses a problem there is how to open a Bellowback up to attack. Fortunately, it’s less difficult than it might seem. All you’ll need is something to stun the beast, and a few fire arrows.

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The easiest way to knock a Bellowback down is to stun it in some way or otherwise trip it up. You might do so by using the Tripcaster with a shock wire or a Sling with shock bombs. The difference is, you have to hit the Bellowback with a shock bomb twice. It only needs to trip over a shock wire once, but that requires a little more planning. A shock trap will also do wonders. It’s not too difficult either way, it’s more up to your preferred style of play. Really, anything that delivers an electric shock will do just fine.

Once the Bellowback is down, you want to run behind it quickly. You’ll notice that the canisters are now accessible. Shoot them with a fire arrow, then run as far away as possible. The canister will explode, dealing a good amount of damage to the robot. Repeat the process until you destroy all of the canisters, and the Bellowback will be on its last legs. A few more shots into the gullet or the cargo sac, and you’ll kill it.

There are alternate approaches, of course. After it’s stunned, you can simply keep hitting it in the cargo sac and/or gullet to disable its flamethrower. In fact, getting rid of the flamethrower in the first place might make the fight even easier. You can also run close and use your Critical Hit after you’ve stunned the beast. If you have the appropriate skill bought, that is. Another thing you can do is use hunter arrows on the canisters instead of fire arrows. That way, you can get them for yourself, if you need them.

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