Horizon Zero Dawn Freeze Trial - How to Kill Machines While Frozen

Freeze trial is one of the hunting challenges in Horizon Zero Dawn. You can try to beat it at the Valleymeet hunting grounds. It requires you to kill frozen machines. In order to get the blazing sun medal in this challenge, you’ll need to finish it in less than a minute and a half. This guide is going to show you how to get gold medal in Horizon Zero Dawn Freeze Trial.

horizon zero dawn freeze trial
Valleymeet Freeze Trial

How to get blazing sun in Freeze Trial

After you take on the trial, approach the cliff and scout the arena. You’ll see several striders and a bellowback. Scanning the area will mark them. You only need five kills, so it’s best to avoid the bellowback altogether – the smaller beasts will be enough. Ideally, you’ll go in with a decent sling and a pocket full of frost grenades.

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If you can, try to affect multiple machines with each grenade – it’s quicker that way. After the explosion, wait for the meter above their heads to fill up. If it doesn’t, lob another grenade. When it’s full, it will get a white outline, and the enemy will become covered in ice. This is when you strike. A heavy melee attack will do the trick.

If the bellowback attacks, dodge away from it. It’s too tough, and will only slow you down. Instead, follow the striders around. The ones you don’t engage will try to escape, but there’s really nowhere to run, so you can go after them easily.

Once you’re done, go and talk to the grounds keeper in his tent up the hill. He’s give you a Valleymeet blazing sun rewards box, and you’ll get 17500 XP. You can repeat the trial for practice, but you won’t get any more rewards from it after the first time.

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