Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Vessel Locations - Palas' Reward Box

Ancient vessels are a collectible in Horizon Zero Dawn. There are 3 sets available, and each one contains 4 different vessels. You can exchange them in Meridian by trading with Studious Palas, located near the town center. You will receive Palas’ Reward Boxes for each set. In this guide, we will show you where to find ancient vessels in Horizon Zero Dawn, rewards and achievements that you will receive upon completion.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Palas' Reward Box Ancient Vessel Collectible Locations
Ancient vessel locations in Horizon Zero Dawn

Ancient Vessel Set 1 Locations

  1. Ancient Vessel – Faro – West from the city of Meridian, between the two campsites, there is a Sawtooth site. Near the river, there is a small building made of bricks, with a rope attached to the top. Check in front of the building.
  2. Ancient Vessel – Arches – In the southern part of the main map, as soon as you leave the starting area, there is a ruin called Devil’s Thirst, with a campsite nearby. Cross the river to the south of the ruins, and you will find the ancient vessel behind some kind of small wall.
  3. Ancient Vessel – Dronehop – Just west of the Devil’s Thirst Bandit camp, located north of the starting area. The Devil’s Thirst bandit camp is located north of the Devil’s Thirst ruins. The vessel is standing on a small rock, near the road.
  4. Ancient Vessel – Wayfarers – Northeast from the Devil’s Thirst ruins and southeast from the Devil’s Thirst bandit camp, standing near the road.

Set II Ancient Vessel Collectibles

  1. Ancient Vessel – Miriam – Use the campsite southwest of the Devil’s Grief ruins, on the eastern border of the map. Go for the north-western roads, and the vessel will be on the road, surrounded by 2 ruined buildings. It’s hard to miss.
  2. Ancient Vessel – USRC – Use the same campsite, and follow the road to the west, the Vessel will be hard to miss. Check for a ruined building and a huge billboard.
  3. Ancient Vessel – Kz – Head to the same campsite again and move to the south. You will find the vessel inside a small ruined building, near the destroyed car.
  4. Ancient Vessel – Sterling-Malkeet – It is located in the bandit camp called Shattered Kiln, located in the north-western border of the map.

Palas’ reward box 3 – Ancient vessel locations

  1. Ancient Vessel – Odyssey – During the main quest: The City of the Sun, you will find the vessel in the middle of the pit. You can easily pick it up after you have completed the quest and cleared the enemies. It is located east from the Dimmed Bones ruins.
  2. Ancient Vessel – Metallurgic – In the northwestern edge of the map, covered in snow, with multiple ruined buildings called Maker’s End. The vessel is visible from the nearest campsite, located in front of the ruined building.
  3. Ancient Vessel Jomei- Climb on the Dimmed Bones, located near the big river on the western side of the main map. In front of the ruined building, you can find the vessel, it is very hard to miss.
  4. Ancient Vessel – Thunderheads – Also in the Maker’s End, located inside the biggest building in the north.

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