How to Get to Tristram - Diablo 2 Resurrected Cairn Stones

Early on in Diablo 2: Resurrected, you will get the opportunity to get to Tristram. This small village was a prominent part of the first Diablo game, and returning to it will be a sad occasion for all fans of Diablo 1. The road to Tristram begins once you receive the “Search for Cain” quest. While this quest isn’t mandatory to complete, Cain will reward you with the option to identify items for free, and you will need to pay a visit to Tristram if you want to unlock the infamous Secret Cow Level.

How to Get to Tristram - Diablo 2 Resurrected Cairn Stones

How to Get to Tristram in D2 Resurrected

Getting to Tristram involves doing a lot of work, visiting several locations and puzzles, and is by far the most complicated quest in Act 1. You will receive the quest to find and rescue Cain from Akara in the Rogue Encampment. The first part of this quest will take you to the Dark Wood via the Underground Passage. Once there, you will then need to locate the Tree of Inifuss. After interacting with the Tree, you will receive the Scroll of Inifuss. Take it back to Akara to have her translate it.

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How to Use the Cairn Stones to Open a Portal to Tristram in D2 Resurrected

Now, go to the Stony Field. In this map, there are the Cairn Stones. Since the maps are randomized, we cannot show you their exact location, so search the map until you find them. You will be able to easily tell them apart, they look like Stonehenge standing stones. There are five of them, and you will need to click them in the correct sequence. This sequence is written on the now-translated Scroll of Inifuss, so click on them in the order on the scroll. The order is randomized with each playthrough, so don’t try doing it in the order on our screenshot below, since that’s very unlikely to work.

When you have done this correctly, the portal to Tristram will open. All that’s left now is to go in here and rescue Cain. Don’t forget to also pick up Wirt’s Leg while you are there, since you won’t be able to do this (and visit the Secret Cow Level) once you leave.

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