Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden

Cecilia Garden is a domain in Genshin Impact. It’s a sort of dungeon, a high-level instance where you fight strong enemies and are rewarded with lots of nice things, including money, primogens and weapon ascension materials. In order to access it, you’ll have to find the entrance first, then solve a puzzle in order to unlock it. If you’re having trouble with either, this guide will help you solve the Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden puzzle.

genshin impact cecilia garden how to enter
Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden

How to unlock Cecilia Garden in Genshin Impact?

The first issue is finding the entrance. It’s located in Windwail Highland, the hills to the west of the city of Mondstadt. Once you get there, you’ll notice a wind element node surrounded by four pillars. That’s the puzzle that’s blocking your entrance to Cecilia Garden. Solve it, and you’ll be allowed in.

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Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden Puzzle

The wind node is locked – the red ring around it means you can’t use it. To unlock it, you’ll need to bring four blue spirits to the four pillars around the node. The first one is already there – simply destroy the rock surrounding one of the receptacles and it’ll lodge into place.

The second one is being menaced by a group of enemies to the side, at the bottom of the cliff. You’ll find the third one in to the left of it, in a cave burried by a rockfall. Destroy the rocks to release the spirit. The last one is behind a shield next to a ruined wall near the puzzle. You’ll need to shoot the node inside the shielded area with an Anemo’s power to release the spirit.

Once all four are in place, the node will unlock. Use an Anemo’s power on it, and the entrance to Cecilia Garden will rise from the ground, allowing you entrance into the Ruins of Thirsting Capital domain.

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