Final Fantasy XV How to get Aranea as a permanent Party Member

The latest glitch that has been discovered in Final Fantasy 15 lets you have Aranea as a permanent party member. In order to trigger this glitch you have to be in chapter 9 or in the post game chapter 15. Before you try this, I strongly advise you to back up your save file.

There are several important things you should know about Aranea: while in your party she can revive your other party members, she participates in camps and photos, she never downs and can link strikes. On the other hand there are also some negative side effects: she can’t change gear, can’t be targeted by items, has no chocobo, doesn’t ride in Regalia, blocks Tour quests, may lurk in some scenes, makes the Carbuncle buff harder to get, and you can’t fish.

Final Fantasy XV How to get Aranea as a permanent Party Member
Final Fantasy XV How to get Aranea as a permanent Party Member

How to get the Aranea permanently

  1. Camp at Cotisse Haven north of Hammerhead. Wait till midnight and save. You have to save your game at midnight otherwise Aranea will not spawn. You can pick up a nighttime bounty Raindrops in the Night to fast forward to night right away.
  2. After around midnight, the usual dropships will stop appearing and Giants will show up. Head North towards the mountains and the red fence. Use the whistle to spawn a Giant. If Imperial ships appear instead, wait until the ship flies away, then fast traveling to your car, then back to camp. If you consistently keep getting imperial ships then take out all soldiers.
  3. As soon as you agro the Giant, Aranea should be on her way. Run outside the combat radius, bring up the map, and Return to rest point. Do not wait for any signs of her or it’ll be too late.
  4. In order to get her in your party you have to open the camp menu before her animation starts and she joins the party. If you wait too long, the UI will be locked and you won’t be able to get the menu.
  5. While your menu is opened, look around for Aranea. Once she jumps down and appears near the camp, click the Camp prompt.
  6. In the morning, reload the auto-save from the camping.

How to remove Aranea from the party

  1. She will leave your party when the game resets at certain story events or quests.
  2. During the end game you can remove her by repeating the final battles and reloading your new clear file.
  3. You can also remove her by going to Pitioss Secret Dungeon.
  4. Aranea can be removed from party by summoning second Aranea as usual. When the battle is finished both Aranea will disappear.
We would like to thank youtube member Whimsic al for discovering this glitch and sharing it with FFXV community.

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  1. L

    Oh man. I hope they don’t remove this glitch after the christmas patch. Out of town till next year…

    1. R

      I can confirm that it still works after the patch, have fun with the best waifu.

  2. L
    Lucis Perficio

    So the game was just patched with New Game+ and numerous “bug fixes” I want to know if this still works before I try it out. I mainly want it for the pictures.

  3. L
    Lucis Perficio

    The game was just updated today with New Game+ and numerous “big fixes,” and I would like to know if this was one of them in said case before attempting it.

    1. F

      Does not work.

      1. O

        Bs i just did it abd it worked

      2. B

        Still works.
        I tried it after seeing this on youtube this morning.
        After Aranea jumped of the airship I just looked around using the cam like literally make the cam go in circles and press camp.
        After that the game will save and on the next day Aranea won’t appear but, when you load the most recent autosave she then will appear again just like and you’re good to go.

  4. K

    But…… no fishing….. FeelsBadMan.

  5. I

    it doesent fucking work yo

  6. Y

    Confirmed. Still working.

  7. A

    I wonder if this intention? because she participate in snapshot by Prompto and camping but was “locked” feature by developer.

    And seriously, I am sick of boys band, I need some cute girl to sweeten thing up!

  8. N

    Tested it right now. Jan. 10. 2017
    Still working.

  9. S
    Search EXO on Youtube

    Tested this minutes ago guys, it still works! 😀

    I have 11 photo ops that I’ve been saving and I’m so excited rn, my heart is beating so fast T_T
    Thank you OP!!! ^^

  10. R

    So i can get Aranea’s ship to show, but she doesnt drop. Her ship just comes and then goes. Anyone help please?

  11. S
    Shawn Levy

    I’m on chapter 9 I have Aranea with me via the glitch. I did the glitch for the first time yesterday Thursday 19th 2017. When I used Umbra for the first time and started Let The Mountain Sleep mission she disappeared.

  12. B

    I have had aranea once before. But now after te chocobomoogle festival update she keeps flying away. Could they really have fixed The bug now? I’ve been ar it forum over 2 hours. With and without a chocobo in my party and on a save wich hasn’t been influenced by the festival either. Getting kinda desperate at this point. Anybody able to confirm this glitch as still working?

    1. D

      I think the glitch doesnt work anymore after the chocobomoggle festival kick off.

  13. A

    There is another place where she will join your party to fight the daemons. Fallaughn Haven after 2AM. I’m not sure if you can get her to join your party permanently, but she does arrive to fight at least one level 34 iron giant with your party.

  14. F

    I got aranea to fight with me at the norduscean blockade northwest of hammerhead at 5 in the morning. I’m in chapter 8. Try the glitch there, and I’ll try it myself as well.

  15. R

    Has this glitch been patched? Seeing mixed comments and replies but could use a definite answer 🙂

  16. A

    Yeah, once I leave the combat ring and fast travel back to camp, she just takes off like a bat outta hell. She probably doesn’t even look back :'(

  17. i tried the same today. the ship flies away when i’am at the camp. thought i did something wrong, but then i saw the video description.

    “REMOVED in 1.04 update. If you had her already, you can keep her as long as you don’t do any of the things that remove her. She does not seem to interfere with the carnival stuff. Last working on 2017/01/22 v1.03”

  18. J

    It doesn’t work. Maybe because of new patch? Every time she is on jer way and I run out of the circle amd go back to camp her shop just flies off but the iron giant is still there. 6 attempts and they are all like that. I am litteraly watching her shop fly off as I’m looking around waiting dor her to jump.

  19. Z

    I spawn the giant move out of the attack area fast transport to campsite open camp menu…..i look around and see her ship where the giant spawned but it doesnt move then it just disappears.

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