FFXV Scraps of Mystery Quest

Scraps of Mystery is a side quest in Final Fantasy XV. It’s one of the most obscure missions you can attempt. It has several parts, and each one is an enigma unto itself. You begin the steps by finding mystery map items scattered across Eos, which then lead you to pieces of a Sylvester’s treasure map. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Final Fantasy XV Scraps of Mystery quest and where to find map scraps.

Final Fantasy XV Mystery Map

It all begins when you find a scrap of paper lying on the ground in an outpost, a service station or a town. You’ll recognize them easily – they’re the only items in the game that appear as actual objects, and not just colored glowing dots.

When you pick it up, you’ll get a new quest – Scraps of Mystery. It will also have a number, depending on which scrap you’ve found. The quest will point you towards a location where you’ll be able to find part of a treasure map. It won’t pinpoint the exact location. Instead, it’ll just point you towards the general area where the prize is hidden, marking a radius on your map.

Scraps of Mystery III

Map for this scrap is not found next to an outpost, which makes you realize that things will be a lot more difficult than originally thought. You have to find a small shack with a water tower in between Hammerhead and Prairie outpost – a bit south of Norduscaen Blockade parking spot. The map is found on the ground next to the shack and can be found at any point in the game.

Actual Sylvester’s Map Piece C is found in the Three Valleys area. The quest item is hidden behind some concrete beams near the rock edge of the valley the quest marker points to.

Scraps of Mystery V

This one starts close to where Scraps of Mystery III ends. Go a bit north of the Three Valleys in Leide and you should see a small dirt road close to yellow marked main road. There is a ruined building (only some broken walls left) next to a big pipe coming out of the ground. The start of Scraps of Mystery V is among the ruble next to the base of the steal beams holding the pipe up in the air.

South of the start of the side quest, close to Longwythe Peak, is where the quest marker takes you. West of the center of the quest marker is a rock and on it is the Sylvester’s Map Piece E.

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  1. A

    Scraps of Mystery XII the map scrap is not there in the concrete building, i have the quest it shows in te area of the building but its not there……

    1. A

      Nvm…. i found the correct building right after i wrote that sigh…

  2. T

    Does anyone know how to get the elevator to work for XIII? It looks like there’s a button, but I can’t press it.

    1. X

      Progress through the storyline, it’s available after you sail to Altissia.

    2. L

      You have to continue the story and come back later to use it.

  3. S

    Find in page “Craps of Mystery” lul…

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      woooops 😀

  4. K

    Wasted a bunch of time looking for map X, the instructions are wrong. It’s on the east side.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      I truly appologize about that. For whatever reason I managed to mess up east/west in that description badly. It has been fixed now.

    2. A

      I actually spent a lot of time on the east side looking for it then I realized I was East and NOT West, I found it on the West side.

  5. A

    Thank you so much! Could’ve spent ages just to find them without a guide xD

    1. S

      Greatly appreciated 🙂 I don’t have the kind of time required to hunt these down on my own

  6. R

    I somehow started this quest accidentally by finding scrap of mystery IV

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Yes, you can do any of the quests separately. You don’t have to do them in order.

  7. I

    I’m not getting “X marks the spot” which is the part where you get the actual reward. Any reason for this? I got all the pieces as followed in the guide.

  8. R

    The author seems to be confused about east and west, this is alot of inaccurate information as a result…

  9. D

    Well it was nice to have a leveling guide with this information…..not! If you are below lvl 45 DO NOT try to retrieve map part D! It is a death sentence!

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