Far Cry 6 COOP Unlock, Crossplay, Multiplayer - How to Play With Friends FC6

Far Cry 6 is out – as you can see in our review – and fans are full of questions about this newest entry in the Far Cry saga. Specifically, players are wondering how to unlock co-op so they can play with friends, and whether or not FC6 has crossplay and multiplayer capabilities. All of these are very important questions, especially if you planned on playing Far Cry 6 with your friends. As we’ll see in this Far Cry 6 COOP Unlock, Crossplay, Multiplayer – How to Play With Friends FC6 guide, Far Cry 6 does this differently than previous games.

Far Cry 6 COOP Unlock, Crossplay, Multiplayer - How to Play With Friends FC6

How to Unlock Far Cry 6 Coop

Co-op in Far Cry 6 won’t be available from the very start of the game. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long to unlock it. In fact, this will occur after you complete one of the starting missions in the game – the “Du or Die” in Isla Santuario. At the end of this operation, you will receive a message notifying you that co-op has been unlocked. You can launch coop mode from the Main Menu, or by pressing the Start Screen in the top right. Your inventory and Guerilla Experience will carry over between both players during sessions.

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complete du or die to unlock coop
Complete “Du or Die” to unlock coop.

The entire campaign can be played like this in co-op mode, either with your friends or other players. Special Operations which you can get in Guerilla Camps have been designed with coop in mind. You can disable friendly fire if you want to. One last thing to note here is that if you stray too far from your friend in the gameworld, FC6 will spawn you right next to them.

How to Play With Friends in Far Cry 6

to be able to play FC6 with your friends in coop mode (after you unlock it, of course), you need to go into the co-op icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. We have marked where it is in the screenshot below. Once you click here, you will get several options. The first of these is to play with one of your friends (you will see who is online). The second is to Search For a Partner. Selecting this will match you with another player. And the third option is to Be A Partner. This will mean that you can now get offers from other players that want to play co-op with you.

Far Cry 6 Crossplay – Does Far Cry 6 Have Cross Platform Multiplayer

Unfortunately, like every other Far Cry game up to now, Far Cry 6 does not have cross-platform multiplayer capabilities.

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