Destiny 2 Witherhoard Disabled

The Witherhoard exotic grenade launcher has been disabled in Destiny 2, and people are clamoring to know why. After all, it’s a fun weapon that a lot of people love to use. Well, as it turns out, some tweak introduced in Beyond Light has completely broken the weapon. So, let’s find out why Destiny 2 disabled Witherhoard together, shall we?

destiny 2 witherhoard disabled
Destiny 2 Witherhoard Disabled

Why is Witherhoard Disabled in Destiny 2?

Witherhoard is disabled in Destiny 2 due to a problem it has been causing in the Crucible. Apparently, the Beyond Light update has tweaked some of the exotics and how they work. You know, standard reworks to ensure a better overall balance in the game. However, something has happened with the Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher. See, the weapon creates a pool of Blight upon impact, which damages any enemy that stays in there for long. The effect should stop a little bit after exiting the pool. That’s all well and good, right?

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Well, it seems that the issue that has arisen is that the damage doesn’t stop ticking even after leaving the Blight pool. What that means in practice is that the Whitherhoard can cause a one-hit kill. That isn’t too much of a problem in PvE, because who cares what happens with AI enemies. However, in PvP, where you’re fighting against real players, it completely throws the whole thing off-kilter. How are you supposed to have a fair match if the opponent can smack you once and you die? So, of course, Bungie has disabled Witherhoard in Destiny 2 “until further notice.”

Yes, until further notice. That’s what the official Bungie Help Twitter has said. There have been no more updates at the time of writing. Hopefully, things are going to move fast, and the problem will go away as soon as possible. But, until then, now you at least know why Whitehoard is disabled in Destiny 2.

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