Destiny 2 Audience With the Queen Bounty How to Get Oracle Offering

Audience with the Queen is a weekly bounty in Destiny 2 Forsaken. You can get it from Petra Venj in The Dreaming City. Completing the Audience with the Queen requires you to get the Offering to the Oracle item. However, the game doesn’t give you any hints as to where to find the Oracle Offering to finish Audience with the Queen. As it turns out, the Oracle Offering comes from another bounty from Petra Venj. If you’re having trouble with the bounty, here’s our guide on how to complete Audience with the Queen & get Oracle Offering.

Destiny 2 Audience With the Queen Bounty How to Get Oracle Offering
Destiny 2 Audience With the Queen Bounty How to Get Oracle Offering

How to Get Offering to the Oracle Drop – Gateway Between Worlds Bounty

To get the Offering to the Oracle item, you first have to complete the Gateway Between Worlds bounty. You also get it from Petra Venj. However, before you do that, you’re going to have to collect forty Dark Fragments. You can get them from a bunch of different activities, opening chests, and so on. Once you’ve saved up forty, head to Petra and purchase Gateway Between Worlds. It’s a weekly bounty, so you have seven days to complete it.

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The key to completing this bounty is to do The Blind Well several times. The Blind Well is located in the small area between the Rheasilvia and The Strand regions. It’s enough to do just Tier I of Blind Well missions, no need to make it more difficult for yourself. However, you will have to complete them about eight time or so for the Offering to the Oracle to drop in the end. On that note, you might want to get some friends in on the action, because The Blind Well is no joke. Good luck.

Audience with the Queen – Where to Take Oracle Offering to Complete Bounty

You have to take the Offerin to the Oracle to the Spine of Keres, to the Oracle Engine, aka the cool, planetarium-like building. Of course, the first thing to do is to get the Audience with the Queen bounty from Petra Venj, if you haven’t already. It’s another weekly bounty, and it will cost you a paltry 1500 Glimmer. Although, considering that completing Gateway Between Worlds might take you a while, you might want to take the Audience with the Queen bounty after you get the Offering to the Oracle.

Once you have both the Offering to the Oracle and the Audience with the Queen bounty, head to the far west of the map, to the Spine of Keres and the Oracle Engine. Climb up the stairs on the right to the second balcony. The game will then prompt you to present your offering to the Oracle. Complete the prompt, and enjoy your loot. If you need help with anything else, you can check out our other Destiny 2 Forsaken guides, including Blood Cleaver Bounty, Dreaming City Region Chest Locations, Cat Locations – How to Use Small Gift, and others.

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  1. B
    Brad call

    This bounty bugged. If you complete the first bounty (the one requiring multiple blind well completions) and turn it in while your inventory is full, as I and others did) the offering does not go into your inventory nor does it go to the postmaster. It simply disappears. So you can not complete the next bounty which requires the offering, you are locked out of the powerful engram rewards for completion and progression appears to be permanently blocked on this chain of bounties. All of the work that led up to that point is wasted. Please warn other users of this bug as it seems quite severe. At least for several of us. I’m just coming back to Destiny (was huge on Destiny 1 but Destiny 2 lost me six months ago) and after grinding for two days, this bug has mentally destroyed the fun once again).

  2. S

    Yes, bugged. Lost the offering due to full inventory. Lost 40 crystals too and no way to do this bounty now and therefore lose the quest too. Very, very annoying

  3. S

    Literally just got this glitch….. 3 hours + of grinding for the 3 weekly bounties for powerful gear just to get cucked…

  4. M

    This game is actually garbage I spent 5 ours trying to find a lobby for well and completed the bounty and had a full inventory and did not get the offering bungee should actually be smart and reward us all that have been glitched out of the offering, and they need to give it to us now

  5. M

    Glitch just got me too…

  6. R

    I had exactly the same problem :@

  7. M
    Michael Conner

    Here’s an idea… How about maybe keep some room in your inventory. That is after all why there is so much damn space in the vault. It’s your open fault. Try being conscious of that.

  8. C

    I took th audience with the queen bounty when forsaken came out but I didn’t know what to do with it do the 7 days expired and now the bounty won’t drop again meaning I can not seem to get my third seed of light.
    Any thoughts?

    1. S

      you can always do the last wish raid and get it through that. not as easy but it is another source for the seed of light

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