Ascendant Chest Locations - Dreaming City Secret Chests Destiny 2

Ascendant chests are secret loot containers in Destiny 2 Forsaken. These secret chests are found across the Dreaming City, and you’ll need a special buff in order to get them. They’ll drop blue gear, Dark Fragments and planetary materials. If you have trouble finding them, our Destiny 2 Ascendant chest locations guide will help you.

How to find Hidden Ascendant chests?

Even when you know all the locations, you won’t be able to reach the chests that easily. Each one is at the end of a jump puzzle, but the platforms that lead to it are invisible. In order to see them, you’ll need the Ascendance buff. You can get it by drinking a potion called Tincture of Queensfoil. The buff will make the invisible platforms appear when you’re near them.

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Dreaming City secret chest locations

There are ten chests in total, and all of them are in the Dreaming City. If you follow our guide, you should be able to loot them all with just one or two Tinctures (each gulp will give you the buff for thirty minutes). They’re mostly located in the open, but some of them are in interiors. There are no rules to their locations, so if you’re not interested in combing the entire map, just watch the video below and you’ll get all the info you need.

The loot you’ll get inside is nothing special – god knows you won’t need any more blue gear at this stage, although the fragments will come in handy. But collecting all of them will finally unlock a secret lore triumph called Hidden Riches. If you’re trying to get as much triumph points, this is an easy way to increase your score. And it’s a fun pastime if you’re one of those few that actually enjoy Destiny’s jumping puzzles.

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    I drank the queensfoil drink but none of the platforms appeared? I know i was in the correct location from utube videos. I must be missing a trick or something? Can you advise my character is a hunter running the new void subclass.

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      That’s because the locations are different every week

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        this article sucks


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    #5 has a different path on mine, half way through the jumps the invisible platforms lead outwards towards the statue instead of inwards away from it as in the video and I end up on a platform where I have no idea where to go next. Tried jumping in every direction to see if the platform is just out of reach but nada. I think Bungie have stuffed up another quest.

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      I tried that too. It leads to the top of the statue where you can look down and see an egg that you can only break if you have the wish-Ender exotic bow. ?

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    With number 8 the last platform doesnt spawn at all for me

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