Riders on the Storm Cyberpunk - Bug Fix, Free Saul

Riders on the Storm is a quest in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s the first of the side quests that lead to the Panam romance, so you’ll probably want to complete it if you like her. However, there are a lot of potential pitfalls in this mission, including bugs and hidden barriers. This guide will show you Riders on the Storm Cyberpunk bug fixes, to help you complete the mission.

cyberpunk 2077 riders on the storm fix bug free saul
Riders on the Storm Cyberpunk – Bug Fix, Free Saul

Cyberpunk 2077 Riders on The Storm

The most important thing here is to meet Panam within 24 hours from getting the call. Otherwise, the quest will fail. If you’re looking to develop a romantic relationship with her, you should also flirt with her that night, after rescuing Saul. After completing it, you’ll have to wait for another call from Panam in order to begin the next one.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Riders on The Storm bug

There are several bugs that have been bothering players in the Riders on The Storm quest. They involve:

  • Johnny not showing up – If you’re playing with an aspect ratio of 32:9, Johnny might not show up when he’s supposed to. This leaves you stuck in a loop. The solution is to temporarily change the aspect ratio to 16:9.
  • Cannot find Saul – Sometimes, the game won’t register you finding Saul even after you do. If this happens, try heading up the stairs to the control room, then up the stairs again. This should allow you to trigger the next objective and actually free Saul.
  • Cannot enter van – If you have the objective to get into the van, but don’t get the prompt to do it, you should probably reload a save from before you started the quest.
  • Drone appears behind main building – If you connect to the drone and it’s in the wrong place, restart the game. That should fix it.

If you need help with anything else in the game, we have guides for you to check out. For example, if you don’t know how to remove the virus from the chip and find the Militech Datashard correct cack sequence we can help. Or, can you save Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077? We'll also help with your first Cyberpunk 2077 braindance during the Information quest.

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  1. J
    Justin Jacob

    For me, I get no Johnny and at a certain point, the van catches fire and blows up. Little frustrated with it right now and gave up on it. What should I do?

    1. S

      You have to destroy the 4 cars/shoot all the guys, took me a few tries but managed to get past it

      1. M

        I can’t punch, draw or shoot weapons in this quest. I can get get to the van but because I can’t shoot any of the cars I keep dying and having to restart the mission from load point. Fuck this motherfucking game!

        1. S

          you ever find out what to do

      2. M

        I have the same problem but I destroy all cars and van still blows up

        1. M

          Also I just had 2 cars following with no people inside, what is up with this game?

  2. A

    in this Quest i have another bug.

    I’m breaking through the sewers in If I want to escape with Saoul and I’m already at Panam, the quest doesn’t go on. It always means escape with Saoul.

    1. R

      I have the same problem. I entered through the sewers, and It will not progress the quest when I try to leave.

      1. R

        The answer is to head up the stairs till you see the objective change to getting in the van, then you can go back down and leave via sewers.

        1. D

          Thanks for this, helped me out bigly 🙂

    2. A

      Sames happening to me right now! Lookin for fixes

    3. K
      Kenny Luongo

      Riders on the storm to get inside the camp to see if cell I have no guns I can’t move and it doesn’t let me get inside the compound to camp to rescue him I can’t even pull my guns out of nothing

      1. D

        I can’t use any guns either, worse, i went into that drainpipe and can’t climb ladder to get saul and can’t get back out now lol

  3. B
    Binx e

    I just ended up having to destroy all the cars to not get blown up by the stray grenade hope this helps

    1. S

      I’m having a bug on this mission where when it tells me to lean against the car, it doesn’t give me the option to. I’ve restarted my game several times, my console, and have played several other missions without progression issues such as this.

      1. R

        Me too, How to finish ?

      2. S

        Stand to the left of Panam not the right. Same thing happened to me

  4. W

    I missed this mission now Panam won’t talk to me, Is it possible to resolve with her, and how?

    1. H

      I have same problem. I finish the mean story.

  5. A

    Found another bug. After Panam goes to sleep my game softlocks. Stuck sat there doing nothing.

    1. J

      Happens to me too, is there a fix?

    2. S

      yeah mine is broken at this point as well

      no amount of restarting or back loading fixes it.

      1. R
        Ryan keller

        I changed the resolution and went from full screen to windowed mode in the setting and it fixed it

    3. L

      I think I found how to fight this bug that happen to me too.
      When Panam goes to sleep open your inventory and change something in your armor. After that Johnny will appear and wish you a good sleep. Somehow it will unfreeze game stuck.

      1. A

        YES!!! Thank you so much, this worked for me!

      2. S

        Thank you! It’s work for me on xsx

  6. R

    I grabbed the sniper rifle to quickly from the motorcycle. The quest is now stuck on Take the sniper rifle, and it wont progress. I already have the sniper but the game did not register it. Stuck on this now, cant talk to Panam…….

  7. T

    Ive got a gun one. My game is bugged so that its acting like im in a no fire zone for the assault on the wraiths camps. Im already not quite leveled for them in the first place, now i can ambush snipe or heal. Please god someone help me.

    1. M
      Michael Engler

      Same. What is your Body attribute? I think it’s tied to the sniper rifle auto equipping, but having too low of a body state to actually use it, so the game locks one of your equipment slots. If that happens to be your active equipment slot, then you’re done.

  8. L

    I cannot receive the call from Panam although I have completed the required mission in order for her to call me and start the mission

  9. I

    Right before the mission begins where you’re directed to talk with Panam and Mitch, and go over the plan with the rest of the gang (Carol, Teddy, Bob, and Cassidy). I can’t seem to get outta conversation and into the start of the mission. I’ve tried repeating all the questions, loading previous saved games and going back into it, restarting the game all together, completing other jobs and coming back later. Nothing seems to be working tho

    1. J

      Came here looking for an answer to same thing and saw no one replied yet and I actually just solved it myself.
      I loaded a save from where I was walking toward the car with Panam, and then I leaned on the car differently and also argued that the rest of the clan wasn’t joining the fight.
      To know you did it right, Mitch will walk off after saying to ‘take the tour’ and then Panam will follow.
      If they don’t reset and try different combo techniques.
      I didn’t have to talk to any of the others when this finally worked.

    2. R
      Rachel Dibiaso

      I’m stuck here too! Does anyone know a fix?

  10. F

    I have scanned the tire tracks in Riders on the storm but it doesn’t register as being completed. Any known way to resolve this?

  11. R

    Stuck behind the building cant get into the drone and restart the game wont fix it. Does anyone know how to fix.

  12. E
    Evan G

    I have a bug where i cant talk to mitch nor panam at all

  13. K

    I have a bug where I can’t restore power to the farm. I’m unable to scan anything. I’ve tried redoing this mission several times and no dice.

    Any advice?

    1. C

      I have the same problem. You ever figure it out?

  14. B

    Hey does anyone have an issue with climbing the sewer ladder when escaping after freeing saoul? I’ve restarted and back loaded and still can’t climb 🙁

    1. I

      I have the same problem… Can’t climb back up the ladder, and when I go to the van can’t draw any weapons to shoot at the other vehicles. This sucks!! ?

    2. E

      I discovered that the same thing happened to me as soon as I approached the Aldecado village. Then I stepped away from the village and guns resumed working. So I entered the village, talked to Panam, used the drone, got the item from Mitch, told Panam to meet me there and runned to the compound. As soon as I moved away from Aldecado village my weapons resumed working and I was able to stealth in and out through the ladder.

    3. D

      I’m stuck in the sewer pipe, can’t climb ladder and worse I can’t leave either lol

  15. M

    My problem is I can’t enter the Van. I got Saul and went up the stairs but when I went to the van I couldn’t enter, so I tried shooting it to get it to move, but I still can’t enter. I decided to leave and do a different mission and come back but now Saul is following me everywhere (at least he helps kill the enemies). I would’ve loaded a save before I started the quest but I didn’t have a save from before the missions so now I can’t even restart it. Does anyone know if there is a solution?

  16. R

    I’m on Xbox and I have the glitch with Jonny not showing up. I’ve tried re-loading, going into inventory and changing clothing/armor but nothing is working.

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