Borderlands 3 Typhon Logs Locations Map

Typhon Logs are a kind of crew challenge in Borderlands 3. They’re collectibles – each map will contain several, and when you’ve found them all, Tannis will be able to triangulate the locations of secret Typhon dead drop cache, which you can raid for rewards. If you’re having trouble finding the terminals containing the logs, we’re going to help you, so keep reading our Borderlands 3 Typhon Logs locations guide.

borderlands 3 typhon log locations map
Borderlands 3 Typhon Logs Locations Map

Droughts Typhon Log Locations

The first log is in the southeast of the map, north from the place where you first met Lilith. You’ll find it in the area with the large rock outcrops. The ECHO terminal will be on top of one of those, above a cave with some loot containers and a barrel fire.

The next one is in the west. Leave the camp in your car and follow the road north until you jump across a chasm using the ramp. Immediately turn left and hug the cliff until you’re in front of giant bone pillars. Go past them and head to the edge of the cliff. You’ll find the terminal there, near a broken down bus.

Ascension Bluff Typhon Log Locations Map

borderlands 3 Ascension Bluff Typhon Log Locations

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