Red Chest Locations in Borderlands 3

Red Chests in Borderlands 3 are a sort of collectible in the game that you can find in every map. There are three Borderlands 3 red chest locations in each area: The Droughts, Meridian Metroplex and Outskirts, Lectra City, Athenas, etc. You need to know where to find red chests in Borderlands 3 in order to complete all the maps 100%. That’s to say nothing of all the cool loot that you get from them. Now, some of the red chest locations are locked behind main and side missions, and some of them even seem to be missable. That being the case, welcome to our Borderlands 3 Red Chest Locations guide, where we’ll show you where to find and how to get all red chests in the game. The latest Borderlands 3: Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC didn’t add any new Red Chest locations.

Borderlands 3 Red Chest Locations
Borderlands 3 Red Chest Locations

What are Red Chests in Borderlands 3?

BL3 The Droughts Red Chest Locations Map

One Red Chest location in The Droughts in Borderlands 3 is in Ellie’s Garage. Or, to be more exact, on top of Ellie’s Garage. To reach this Red Chest, facing the entrance to the garage, go around to the left. Hop onto the squashed bus, then jump and climb onto the roof. The chest is on top of the roof, which you can now reach. Plunder it and continue on your journey.

Another Red Chest is behind the Powerful Connections side quest. In this quest, your task will be to find a Skag Spine and basically use it to repair a circuit breaker. There’s also an optional step where you also have to collect a human spine. In order to get to the chest, you absolutely must get both spines. When you do, proceed with the quest. Marcus will trick you into using the human spine first. After you use the Skag spine, you’ll gain access into his secret stash. That’s where the red chest is.

The third Droughts Red Chest is hidden in the Dump on Dumptruck side quest. Near the end of the mission, after you kill the boss, Ellie will tell you that there’s a secret stash somewhere. To find it, look for a red target just above the place where you killed Dumptruck, at the top of the building. Shoot the target, and go right. Drop down into the secret area to find the chest.

BL3 Meridian Outskirts Red Chest Locations

The first and only Red Chest in Meridian Outskirts in Borderlands 3 is not hard to find. Exit the hangar where the fast travel station is, and turn left immediately. You’ll come across a chain link fence elevator that leads you to the upper platform. Battle your way forward, and look for a staircase leading downwards on the left. Climb down, and hop into the purple-lit container. The red chest is right there.

BL3 Meridian Metroplex Red Chest Locations Map

meridian metroplex where to find red chest all locations borderlands 3

You’ll gain access to the three Meridian Metroplex Red Chest locations as you push on through the Hostile Takeover mission. The first one we’ll cover, the one on the left in the image above, is easy to find. From the place where you meet Zer0, go left into the large courtyard. Climb up the stairs and go into the hallway in the center. The chest looks like a hoverboard, and it’s by the hole in the ground.

red chests meridian metroplex borderlands 3 where to find

The second chest is in the arena where you battle against Gigamind. After you kill the boss, make sure to comb through the arena thoroughly. The red chest is in a small, red alcove in the north wall of the arena.

borderlands 3 red chest locations meridian metroplex where to find

The third chest is a tad more difficult to find. In the east of the area where the chest is, there are three yellow containers stacked on each other; two below, and one on top. Climb up them, and hop over to the narrow pathway. Turn right and walk down the path, climb over yet another container, crouch under the pipe, and boom, there you are.

BL 3 Lectra City Red Chest Locations

bl3 lectra city red chests all locations where to find

One of the Red Chests in Lectra City becomes available in the Kill Killavolt mission, which Moxxie gives you. This mission is how you get to Lectra City. In the southeast of the area, you’ll find the Big Dock Energy area. Yes, really. Climb up the stairs on the right, then up the two yellow containers stacked on top of each other. Hop onto the hanging container, then onto the magnet to get to the chest.

The second chest, the one in the north of the map provided above, is very easy to find. All you have to do is climb the long staircase that leads to a small, open area where the chest is.

how to get lectra city red chest locations borderlands 3 where to find

Finally, the third chest is behind the boss battle with Killavolt. When you kill him, a door is going to open to the west. In the small corridor, you’re going to find the red chest on the left.

lectra city all red chest locations borderlands 3

BL3 Athenas Red Chest Locations

One of the Red Chests in Athenas in Borderlands 3 will become available to you during the Impending Storm questline. After you meet Ava, she’ll lead you into the cemetery, where you’ll have to search a crypt for Eridium. Before you do, though, find your way over the fence in the south of the area. Carefully drop down to the lower platform. You’ll find a chair there, some empty bottles, a banjo, some candles, and the red chest.

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