AC Valhalla Yellow Longboat Location in Swamp - Stench of Treachery

Stench of Treachery is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It starts after you talk to Birna, Lif and Galinn, and Soma asks you to decide who the traitor is. If you’re not happy making a decision right away, based on what you found out by talking to them, you’ll have the option to look for more evidence, including a yellow longboat that’s a key part of the mystery. If you’re having trouble finding it, our AC Valhalla yellow longship location in swamp guide will help you.

Search the swamp for AC Valhalla yellow longboat

The issue here is that the game doesn’t mark the location on the map. It doesn’t even point you in the right direction, only saying it’s “in the swamps”. That could be anywhere to the north of the city.

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The exact location is north of Middletun, between the two small islands northwest of Soham Hideout. You’ll find the ship beached there, easily recognizable by its yellow figurehead. It’s surrounded by enemies, and once you’ve dispatched them, you’ll be able to inspect it.

Inspect the glowing spot near the cargo pile by the ship, and you’ll see how the events played out. It was ambushed by bandits, some of whom chased the survivors towards the abandoned bog hamlet, while others looted it. If you climb inside it, you’ll find a plaque with an inscription near the front. It says “Pathed by a volva, a destiny writ, clear is his vision, rigid his grit”.

The carving obviously references Galinn, which makes him pretty suspicious. When asked about why his longship was painted yellow, he’ll defer to Lif, who is indeed the shipmaster, but one who takes pride in his work – it wouldn’t make sense for him to hastily dab paint on the ship, outside of the shipyard at that.

If you just want to know who the real scum is, take a look at our Soma’s traitor guide – it will show you who to accuse even if you haven’t collected all the evidence.

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    It’s not just the verse that makes Galinn suspicious. If you follow the path you see in the vision you quickly realize that’s where you found Galinn at the start of all this, and if you remember he mentioned being attacked by bandits before the wolves.

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    It’s north east. Not north west. I dont know why every guide I’ve read says go north west….

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