The Billhook AC Valhalla - Investigate Aelfgarstun Farm - Order of the Ancients Clue

The Aelfgarstun Farm clue in AC Valhalla is a part of your hunt for The Billhook from the Order of the Ancients, and it requires you to investigate the farm. There are two potential problems here. One, where is the Aelfgarstun Farm in AC Vahalla, and two, where is the Billhook clue. We’ll be answering both of these questions in our The Billhook AC Valhalla – Investigate Aelfgarstun Farm – Order of the Ancients Clue guide.

the billhook ac valhalla investigate aelfgarstun farm order of the ancients clue
The Billhook AC Valhalla – Investigate Aelfgarstun Farm – Order of the Ancients Clue

Where to Find Aelfgarstun Farm Order of the Ancients Clue – AC Valhalla The Billhook

To find the Billhook Order of the Ancients clue in Aelfgarstun Farm in AC Valhalla, you first have to figure out where it is. As it turns out, it’s to the northwest of the town of Lincoln, in Lincolnscire. If you’re having trouble figuring out where it is, take a gander at the screenshots below. Once you get there, it’s just a matter of using your Odin’s Vision and figuring out where the clue is. To save you some time – if you come to the farm from the south, it’s the house on the left. You’ll find the clue on a barrel inside. Again, check out the screenshots for visual aid.

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Billhook Order of the Ancients Member Location in AC Valhalla

The Billhook Order of the Ancients member is hiding in the town of Lincoln, in Lincolnscire. His real name is Havelok, and he’s usually in his villa at the foot of the wall near Lincoln’s town hall, in the northwest corner of the town. We happened to find him in one of the rooms of the villa, sitting at a writing desk. His back was turned to the door, which is never a good idea, so we simply sneaked up behind him and dispatched him quietly. Basically, when you get to the villa, use Odin’s Vision to track The Billhook down and get rid of him with as little fuss as possible.

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