Ceolbert AC Valhalla - Bloody Path to Peace

Bloody Path to Peace is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Near the end of the quest, Ceolbert suffers a nasty wound, and Eivor has to carry him to Wesberie. The problem is, the carrying segment starts in a cave, and it’s really hard to spelunk while having a limp, near-dead body on your back. If you’re having trouble getting out of the cave and to Wesberie, our AC Valhalla Ceolbert Bloody Path to Peace guide will help you.

ac valhalla ceolbert bloody path to peace quest
Ceolbert AC Valhalla – Bloody Path to Peace

Carry Ceolbert back to Wesberie

Once you leave the cave, it’s pretty easy. You can even summon your mount to get there faster. But getting out of the cave is the problem. Your hands are busy, so you can’t vault or climb – you need to find a way that will allow you to hop over obstacles with little to no effort.

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The key is using the ramps scattered around the cave. The first obstacle is a low wall you can jump over, but there’s a ramp on the right that can help you overcome it. Turn left when you reach the movable wall, and you’ll get to the second obstacle. It’s a high wall, and the ramp leading up to it ends far before it begins. You need to jump (press X on PS4, A on Xbox) when you reach the end of the ramp in order to reach the wall.

The next one is a hole you’re supposed to squeeze through. Since you can’t do that, look for yet another ramp to lead you into the next room. The last one is a bit of a bait and switch – it’s the kind of hole Eivor slides through, and you might think he won’t be able to do it with Ceolbert on his back, but he can.

All that’s left after that are a couple of low walls, and you’re out of the cave.

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