Throw The Dice Quest - Apollo's Lyre & Pan's Flute Locations - AC Odyssey

Throw the Dice is one of the treasure map side quests in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. You can start it by talking to Xenia after you’ve finished She Who Controls The Seas. She’ll ask you to hunt down the merchant Autolykos, who stole the next set of maps from her. Once you’ve got them, you’ll have to use them to find Apollo’s Lyre and Pan’s Flute. If that’s not your kind of fun, our AC Odyssey Throw The Dice quest guide will help you complete this treasure hunt as quickly as possible.

ac odyssey throw the dice side quest
AC Odyssey Throw The Dice Quest – Apollo’s Lyre & Pan’s Flute Locations

Throw the Dice Quest treasure maps

Autolykos is at the pier in Nauplia Harbor, in Argolis. When you talk to him, you can choose to either bargain or intimidate him – we chose the latter and it worked perfectly. He told us to get the maps from his home. The map markers led us there, but we were accosted by a group of guards afterwards. There are only two maps in his chest – one for each artefact. This means there are no fake maps this time.

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Apollo’s Lyre location

Look for Apollo’s Lyre on the island of Euboea, north of Attika. Go to the Apollo Temple in the north of the island, and you’ll find it on a marble slab in the bandit camp behind the temple ruins. If you can sneak around using the shrubbery as cover, you might not even have to fight them.

Pan’s Flute location

To get Pan’s Flute, you’ll have to head to Attika once more. Go to Marathon Beach, which is in the northeast of the region. Look for a place called Cave of Pan. It’s going to be inhabited by a bunch of barbarians – dispatch them and go to the farthest chamber of the cave, which is where you’ll find their gold hoard. The flute will be on the top of the hoard.

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  1. M

    For me the Cave of Pan is bugged. There aren’t any barbarians or hoard of treasure just an empty cave.

    1. P

      Ugh. I have the issue too. I cleaned out the cave earlier and had the gold and the flute way before this quest. Everything’s just gone… including the flute.

  2. J

    So, I am unable to get either the Lyre or the Flute. I can clearly see the Lyre, here on the platform, but it’s not interactive… As for the Flute… I believe mine might have spawned outside the actual map. I use the search ability and there is an item, but I can’t reach it.):

    1. A

      Hi I discovered the same issue as both you guys, youve obtained the maps earlier than the part of the quest you should get them, so all you need to do is keep doing xenias quests until you are asked to retrieve those maps then you can get those last 2 items.

  3. M

    I can’t get the maps…. the quest don’t update when I have talked to the merchant, and trashed his stuff 🙁

    1. L

      I got it all. Do the update on it also.

  4. L
    Lauren Schleyer

    Can’t get the Apollo or pan items period I’ve completed all side and main quests but for some reason they aren’t allowing me to grab them. When I try to talk to Xenia or the merchant it doesn’t do anything. Anyone got any advice?

  5. D

    There are more than 1 Cave of Pan and Apollo’s Temple. You need to go to the right one. It can be confusing.

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