Month: August 2021

Catastrophic Inclusions In Personal Injury Claims

Catastrophic injuries can be life threatening or even preventable. Catastrophic injuries can include a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, limb amputation, paralysis, heart attack, death, or severe burns. While the severity of your injuries may determine how much your medical bills will run, it is not the only factor considered when you file a personal injury claim. Your insurance adjuster will take these factors into consideration before deciding how much your settlement should be. They may conclude that you are owed X amount of dollars for your catastrophic injury and that you may actually be better served by settling rather than pursuing a lawsuit. Find Out –

What is Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries can be caused by a number of incidents. Accidents, work related injuries, motorcycle accidents, falls, and heat stroke to name a few are just a few of the causes. While there may be a true reason for your accident, it is important to note that the courts do not require that you prove the “causation” of your accident. In most cases, your only proof of causation is what the police tell you happened. This can make it difficult to determine whether you sustained injuries as a result of the negligence of another.

If you suffer from one of the above listed catastrophic injuries, you may be able to recover from your loss without the aid of an attorney. Many states have “no win no fee” laws. Omaha has them. If your medical bills are too high, or if the damage to your vehicle is too extensive, you may be eligible for no-win no fee compensation. To find out if you qualify, consult a Palm Beach attorney who specializes in cases such as your own.