Day: July 16, 2021

Cellar Conversions

Cellar Conversions UK are specialists in transforming old cellars or other crawl spaces into luxury living areas. By utilising a professional UK cellar conversion company they can create a completely new living space, whether your current basement or crawl space is small, to create a homely yet sophisticated living space. It can for example be transformed from an old laundry room, into a utility space, making more space in the kitchen by moving your washing machine and tumble drier from sight; converting an old laundry room into a modern wet room; turning your damp cellars into luxury wet rooms. Cellar Conversions UK can create stunning conversions so you can enjoy your own space; create an extension to your home, a new room in your garden or luxury wet room.

Wet Proof Your Basement Now!

Cellar Conversions UK has experts who have many years experience in basement conversion work. Cellar Conversions UK uses state of the art technology and machinery, which means a faster, less costly and less messy conversion. They will advise you on all aspects from planning your new space through to finish building. Cellar Conversions UK will provide you with quality products from top designers, so you can create something unique, a piece that others will want to copy.

The Cellar Conversions team has years of experience in cellar waterproofing and wet proofing their clients’ homes. All their products are designed to be energy efficient, easy to maintain, durable and low maintenance. Cellar conversions and cellar remodeling require planning, innovation and high quality products. By using a professional Cellar Conversions UK company you can transform your home into a new space that you can enjoy every day amazingly easy and cost effective way to improve your home’s value and give it a brand new look, a feel and appeal.