Day: May 1, 2021

Kids Flip Flops Can Be Your Children’s Best Alternative

Kids flip flops have long been a go-to summer shoe, but most parents have always asked themselves how long should they let their kids run around on flip flops without any type of protection. Flip flops are obviously meant for being worn on the beach, or to the pool, or going to school and back. However, many kids continue to wear them everywhere from day-to-day, to just lounging around the house. What parents need to realize, however, is that kids flip flops do not need to be protected as they are not designed to take the impact of every sand, rock, and tree knock on them every day. And because flip flops have a porous surface (which allows liquid to seep through), they can become dirty very quickly, especially if children get on them when they are wet, which is common during the summertime. Click Here –

The Best Alternatives For Kids With Wide Feet

If you really want kids flip flops that will last throughout the entire summer, there is a product called Brute Force Flip Flops that has been specifically designed with kids in mind. These stylish, supportive flip flops use rubber soles that won’t stick to concrete, even after they have been soaked multiple times. And since the soles have a non-skid backing, they are not damaging to the kids’ feet like some other brands may be. In addition to being made of rubber, these shoes are also made of canvas and are similar to loafers, except they have a square toe.

Whether or not your kids wear flip flops this summer, you should still let them know that they are not acceptable outside the house. To start, let them know the dangers and hazards of wearing them. Next, show them the benefits, such as the protection from bacteria, scratches, burns, and bruises. Finally, let them know the best alternatives to wearing their slippers.