Day: February 12, 2021

What is managed VPS Hosting & How Does it Benefit Me?

What is managed VPS Hosting? Standard VPS server hosting a Virtual Private Server (VPS), powered by Virtualization technology. Basically it gives you the capability to run and deploy multiple virtual servers, independently from each other, from just one physical infrastructure. In other words, you are able to create a “virtual private server” within a physical machine. It’s a very cost effective way to manage multiple domains/websites at the same time.

Major Drawbacks Of Dedicated Server Hosting

Managed VPS hosting allows you to separate your website from your operating system – so that you have complete control over it. And as a VPS package, it enables you to install any type of software that you need for your website, through its own software interface. But there are some differences between unmanaged and managed VPS hosting. For one thing, in managed VPS hosting, you are solely the owner and maintainer of the server. In a managed VPS hosting, you are basically renting the entire server from the provider or the hosting company.

The managed VPS hosting provider typically provides the administrative tools and scripts to get you up and running with your new VPS. You are essentially responsible for keeping your server up to date, though. If you think that this sounds like a great deal, you’re right – it is. The cost savings will more than pay for itself in no time.